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Welcome to the Pospi Homes Business opportunity session… Become a Partner and Benefit Handsomely as a Consultant

Pospi homes is a Real Estate Agency affiliated to several Real Estate Companies in Nigeria
POSPI HOMES is a property marketing and information Agency located in Nigeria. We are into making home ownership dream a reality for all.

The Company’s properties are located mainly in Lagos, around Ibeju Lekki area – and outside Lagos in Ota, Warri and Owerri. These properties have been acquired over the years and are being sold to the investing public at highly affordable prices. This is in line with the vision of the Company to make Home Ownership Dreams a Reality for Nigerians.

The Company’s model is simple. It acquires properties in fast developing areas with significant prospects for value appreciation, develops the properties (through its sister company – Folkland Property Development Company) and sells same to the investing public. Clients are allowed to pay in installments or at discounted rates.

Compensation plans

These compensation plan involves network marketing. Asides the direct earning scheme as a consultant, you can earn through recruiting new consultants. You will get a commission for that.
5% Indirect Commission on the Sales of the 1st level down-line of a registered consultant
This means that as a registered consultant, if you recruit a new consultant and register them under you. You will get 5% commission on every sales they make. Imagine having 10 down-lines (consultants you recruited) and 5 of them sold 10m collectively (2m each), you will get an alert of 500k easily without stress
3% Indirect Commission on the Sales of the 2nd level down-line of a registered consultant
If your down-lines also recruited new people and those under them makes any sale, you will get 3% commission on their sales.
Same applies to the 3rd and 4th level down-lines. However, the 4th level down-lines is restricted for partners only, you will get to that level with time.
2% Indirect Commission on the Sales of the 3rd level down-line of a registered consultant
1% Indirect Commission on the Sales of the 4th level down-line of a registered consultant (Partners Only)

Consultants Benefits

The Company has a well crafted and highly lucrative compensation plan.
20% Direct Commission on Sales made by a registered consultant
These are commission that you get for directly selling a land.
Assuming a land costs 8m and the commission is 20%, you will be paid 1.6m straight into your account as commission for the transaction.
If the land costs 1.5m and commission is 20%, you get an alert of 300k upon successful closure of transaction. No story.
Also if your client decided to make pay by installment, you get the commission every time your client pays each month. This one is sweet as it comes like a monthly salary
Doesn’t a fixed or increasing monthly salary sound awesome? We think it does and this is possible
A typical example is shown here – sell a plot of Hebron County (1.2m); your client takes the 12month plan and is paying 100k per month. Every month you will get 20k as commission. Now, let’s assume you sold 10 of the same price – that’s a definite 200k for you EVERY MONTH!!!!

Other compensation plans

I. Free Plot of Land Award
II. Leadership Bonus Award
III. Foreign Trip Award
IV. Brand New Car Award (Given to the Ambassador for the year). This also comes with a N100,000 monthly allowance for 1 year.
V. Performance Bonus Award
VI. Other Random Gifts and Awards provided to consultants from time to time

Other non-cash benefits include

  • Free Business Opportunity Training for New Members
  • Free Specialized Training for Existing Consultants
  • Free Logistics Support (Car and Driver) to support Consultant Road Shows and Marketing Efforts
  • Free Logistics Facilities (SUV and Driver/Tour Guide) to convey clients to our estates and back everyday.
Clients are provided with refreshments at the Office.

“This means you only need to refer your client to the office, they will be taken to view the properties whether you are present or not”.

  • Free ID Card Issuance to all registered consultants. Complimentary Business Cards available on request
  • Free Mentoring Support to new members through well structured Network Marketing System
  • Dedicated support from management and staff


1.  Become PWAN HOMES Ambassador
2.  Go for all expense paid international trip
3.  Earn direct and indirect commissions
4.  Participate in Performance bonus
5.  Own property with extended payment plan without added charges
6.  Earn Center bonus
7.  Earn referrals Bonus.
8.  Participate in POSPI Academy training
9.  Earn Active Partners monthly commission
  1. And Earn Annual Personal Activities Bonus (APAB)
Become a  Consultant today and start earning and traveling to different part of the world.

Register Online Referrer: POSSIBLE OTUSON – No: 08099087688


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